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Hormone Replacement Therapy

How do you know that you may have a hormone deficiency? 

Here are some common signs and symptoms...

1. Estrogen Deficiency:

Hot Flashes • PMS Worsening • Night Sweats • Irritability • Dry Skin • Insomnia • Depression • Mood Swings • Forgetfulness • Vaginal Dryness • Heart Palpitations • Increased Allergies

2. Testosterone Deficiency:

Low Libido • Weight Gain • Loss of Focus • Anxiety • Depression • Muscle Pain • Mood Swings • Memory Loss • Low Libido • Sugar Cravings • Fatigue • Belly Fat

Some long-term consequences of hormone deficiency can be:

High blood pressure, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes • Hypercholesterolemia • Cardiovascular Disease • Osteoporosis • Cancer • Dementias

You may need hormone replacement therapy. 

Call today for your appointment with

 Raquel Wall Nurse Practitioner 


We offer conventional and bio-identical hormone therapy

A plan will be tailored to you specific needs including; medical history, family history, exam, labs and symptoms.

Offering prescriptions for compounds, conventional medications, troches, patches, cream and pellet therapy.